I, Steve McDonald, am a professional photographer living in and photographing Maryland. I have worked as a creative for over fifteen years. Starting in Web & Graphic Design and finally adding Photography to my pallet. I specializing in Weddings, Events, Portraits, Children, Corporate Headshots, Fashion, Glamour and Product Photography.

I've always been told that I "analyze" too much. Its something I did my entire life. I love the details, the tiny parts that seem insignificant but are actually what pulls everything together. My goal is to be genuine and honest. I try to go beyond traditional poses and photos, by freezing time and allowing you to embrace the moments. I use my photography to find that "you" that other seldom or never get to see.

I am dedicated as an photographer to recognizing and freezing those fleeting yet memorable glimpses of life that we take for granted, moments every family has but rarely sees revealed in photographs. From the mundane to the complicate, moments change lives. I work in between those moments where love, truth and humor come together to create a potpourri that is greater than the sum of its parts. I searched for a longtime to find what truly made me happy, only to find that it was right there in front of my face.

I credit my Dad and Family with lighting my a creative fuse. He worked as a mechanic/salesman for a large part of his life, but what I remember the most about growing up around him is that he'd always have his camera with him, so much so.. that I often told people that he was a photographer. I hope to make my kids as proud of me as I was of him. 

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